And The Journey Begins

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Ok… As you can see, this is not my hand, not my freaking hot chocolate, and not my busted laptop but I’m relating to this photo. My blogging journey has began once again. I’m sure people are wondering, “Why is this boring, grammatically un-correct, religious one day and Satan one day, fat, mom, wife, bad friend, good friend, drunk, outspoken, not thinking before she speaks, chick blogging again? Well, to answer your question, all of those stereotypes and MORE are the reasons why I began blogging again. 

So what Am I going to talk about? I’m glad you asked. Of course, I’m going to talk about what I’m good at, celebrity gossip! But there’s going to be more to the blog than what Kim and the Kar-Trashians are doing. I’m also going to be writing about Relationship drama and how to fix it, if it’s fixable. I’m going to speak on family. I’m going to bring in religion… the pros and cons religion and not having a spiritual relationship with God instead of confusion. I like food so you will see me write about food. I love fashion so I will write about fashion. Shit, I could go on and on about what you may see on this blog but I would be going on and on for the next decade. Most important, this is all about ME! How I feel about the world. Hell, It may be how I feel about you if you piss me off enough. Don’t get offended. Sometimes you don’t understand your flaws until someone else has pointed them out. I’m not here to sugar coat life. I’m hear to throw out the lemons so you can make lemonade.


***Don’t let the false halo fool you*** To be honest, I’m that bitch!


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