How Soon Is Too Soon To Go Out After Having A Baby?


First, let me say again, Congratulations to Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott on their beautiful baby girl, Storm. Adorable right? But what’s irritating me about Kylie, Travis, and the baby, is the fact that the world is criticizing them for living life after they have had their baby. 

Motherhood is definitely a life changing experience. Your body just put out a tiny human who now relies on you for every little thing. And while you are trying to get your physical features back in tact, you have to make sure that your newborn is growing and stays healthy. For a lot of moms, it can be a scary and isolating experience. Although there are two parties involved in creating such a beautiful life, society expects new mothers to take on the bulk of the burden. I get it. It’s been that way since the beginning of time. Now God forbids, if us mothers step out without our baby before the “acceptable” amount of time postpartum. Shame on us!! Off with our heads!!!

Unfortunately, that’s what Kylie Jenner is dealing with now. She is getting shamed, bashed, and cyber bullied for going out after giving birth to Baby Stormi. People seriously need to STFU and let this new mother live her damn life. It’s not like she is leaving her baby in a trap house while she goes out and parties. Trust and believe, the baby is surrounded by family and nannies and is being well taken care of while Kylie is going out and getting in tune with who she is as a woman so she can be the best possible mother for her child.

You have to understand too, if she was to take the baby out and about she would be criticized for that too. “Oh my gosh, the baby is only 1 week old and she has the baby out already, she’s such an attention whore”. Now me personally, I’m glad she hasn’t taken the baby out. The baby is way too young and the paparazzi are a bunch of crazy, picture hungry for money people, that would not care about the baby’s well being.

Like I stated earlier, let’s stop assuming Kylie is locking the baby in a room and leaving her alone while she runs the streets. Lets remember, Kylie didn’t have sex with herself so there is a father involved and I’m sure he holds down the fort at times. Plus, as long as Kris Jenner is around, you know that everything is going to be in proper Kardashian order. Give Kylie a freaking break. Being a new mom is hard enough. Hell, she is still a baby her damn self.


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