Say What: Melania Trump Says Women Accusing Men Of Sexual Abuse Should “Show Evidence” [A Must Read]


While everyone is disgusted and STILL not use to the fact that Donald Trump is the POTUS, I’m sitting here disgusted at his “should be deported” wife. US First Lady Melania Trump says when women make accusations about sexual abuse, they need to “show evidence”, “really hard evidence”… I swear I can’t make this stuff up!

Mrs. Trump’s pathetic interview aired on Good Morning America during her trip to Kenya.

“I support the women, and they need to be heard. We need to support them. And, you know, also men, not just women,” Mrs Trump said when asked whether she supports the MeToo movement.

“I do stand with women, but we need to show the evidence. You cannot just say to somebody, ‘I was sexually assaulted,’ or, ‘You did that to me,’ because sometimes the media goes too far, and the way they portray some stories it’s, it’s not correct, it’s not right.”

And we all know that our good ol’ President, Donald Trump has been accused of sexual  assault by numerous of women over the years and he has said:

“It’s a very scary time for young men in America, when you can be guilty of something that you may not be guilty of. This is a very, very, difficult time”

Are you kidding me right now? First and foremost, people are in prison as we speak for being found guilty for crimes they did not commit… but I forgot, you’re working with some of the black leaders and the Kardashians to let two or three of our people go.

It’s a very difficult time that we live in when unarmed blacks are being killed by cops who never get convicted. It’s a very difficult time we in when white nationalist are considered to be “very fine people”. It’s a hell of a difficult time when women like me, can be molested and raped and because we were silent out of fear or the fact we don’t have a photo copy of the penis that tore through our insides, we are not believed.

I thought slavery was a very terrible time and our NOW was suppose to be BETTER, but the sad time of our ancestors is still OUR SAD TIME, we are just living under different leadership, just the same practices.


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