Bobby Brown Sues Showtime & BBC Over Whitney Houston Documentary


Bobby Brown has become upset over the number of documentaries that have been produced highlighting the life of his late ex-wife, Whitney Houston. According to Deadline, Bobby is suing both Showtime and BBC over the 2017 documentary that he says features previously unseen footage that he never approved of.

via Complex:

“The film contains footage that Brown and [his late daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown] has never consented to have released,” the suit, which was filed Tuesday (Nov. 27) in New York District Court, reads. “Brown and [his late daughter] appear in the film for a substantial period of time, in excess of thirty (30) minutes. … Brown never signed or executed a release for the airing of the material that appears in the film.”

Brown has filed the lawsuit against the two companies for their film Whitney: Can I Be Me, which he says includes unauthorized footage. “The film contains images of [Brown’s] other children, Landon Brown, Robert ‘Bobby’ Brown Jr. and LaPrincia Brown as minor children,” the suit also mentions. “Brown never consented to have his children appear in the film Can I Be Me and his children never consented.”

The documentary premiered at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival before airing on Showtime in the States and the BBC in the UK later that year. It was later sold to other markets, notably Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands without express permission from Brown. He’s seeking more than $2 million in damages.

I’m not sure if Bobby is truly genuine about protecting his ex-wife’s legacy or protecting his image. Then again, he may just be short on cash. I guess we can only wait to see how this will end.


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