Male Customer In For A Surprise After Attacking A Female Mc Donald’s Employee [Video]


A male customer was arrested for assaulting two female McDonald’s employees, grabbing one over the counter and kicking the other in the stomach.

In a spectator’s video taken on New Year’s Eve, white customer Daniel Willis Taylor, 40, yelled at a black cashier named Yasmine James inside a St. Petersburg, Fla. McDonald’s, reaching across the counter and grabbing her by the collar. She fought back, punching him on the arm and pulling his shirt.

Coworkers pulled them apart and then someone who appears to be a manager calmly finished the attacker’s order. “And I want her a** fired right now,” said Taylor. When James says he’s going to jail for assaulting her, Taylor shot back, “I was just asking you a f***ing question, b****.”

Then to the manager, Taylor says, “You’re going to give me a goddamn refund.”

Viewers said the manager should not have taken Taylor’s order after the incident, which I agree. The male employees were also called out for not immediately protecting James or trying to subdue Taylor. Thoughts?


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