The IRS Will Not Be Issuing Tax Refunds During The Government Shutdown; Which Could Takes Months Even Years

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If you were planning to use your tax refund to bounce back from the overspending you did for the Christmas holiday, you may need to make other plans. If the government shutdown continues into the tax season, which per Trump, it just may, you will not be getting that refund check any time soon.


Donald Trump has threatened to shut the government down for months, even YEARS, if he can not get funding for his wall. Because of the shutdown, the IRS now lacks funding and under the shutdown plan, is only operating with about 1 in 8 employees according to the Wall Street Journal. During the shutdown, the IRS does not perform audits, respond to questions outside of filing season or … that’s right… process refunds.

With Trump refusing to budge and the Democrats refusing to give in, there has been very little progress made towards a deal that would get the government back up and running. To add insult to injury, if you owe on your taxes, you are still required to pay by April 15th.

Tax season is scheduled to officially begin on January 29th but from the looks of things we should be preparing ourselves for a delay.


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