Boosie Badazz Asks Trump For Permission To Purge Since The Government Is Shut Down


Hide your wife and hide your kids! Boosie is ready to go to war, and he is asking our so called Commander In Chief for permission.

Since the government doesn’t show any signs of opening back up, celebrities are voicing their opinions on social media to the man with the orange face. However, Boosie is taking a different approach. Instead of criticizing the president, Boosie wants to know if this calls for a purge.

Boosie Badazz took to Instagram to ask his follows, and Donald Trump, a question pertaining to the current government shutdown. Without a caption, the rapper shared a post that read, “Since the government is shut down are we allowed to purge. Asking for myself… I need to handle some shit.”

There’s probably a few other American’s who are asking the same question as Boosie. Trump shut down the government in December after the Democrats refused to fund the president’s proposed border wall which he asked for $5 Billion. This marks the longest government shutdown in history. Many federal workers have missed paychecks over the past few months and the decision for the government shutdown came ahead of the holidays on December 22nd. It’s still unsure when the government will reopen.


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