Woman Gets Drugged and Raped While Streaming via Facebook Live at an Atlanta Nightclub


A disturbing video has been circulating on Facebook of Jasmine Eiland being raped at Atlanta’s Opera Night Club. The horrific attack was streamed via Facebook Live and Jasmine says she was drugged prior to being attacked.

via Heavy:

The video of the incident first appeared on the victim’s Facebook page on the night in question and has since spread across YouTube and Twitter. The Atlanta Police Department told Heavy.com in a statement, “Early Sunday morning, APD began receiving calls about a Facebook Live video that appears to show a woman being sexually assaulted in a local nightclub. Our Special Victims Unit has made contact with the victim, and an investigation into the matter has been opened. The investigation continues.”

The video shows the woman dancing with a man, in the beginning, she is smiling and sipping her drink. At the time of writing, the Facebook videos of the incident have been viewed more than 500,000 times. Singer Bebe Rexha was among those to have tweeted about the incident. Rexha said on her page that the victim “was drugged and raped while she was streaming on Facebook Live at a night club in Atlanta. She was crying and saying help me and NO repeatedly. Out of Respect I will not share the video. But here is a picture of the man that raped her.”

In a series of Facebook posts on January 20, she first wrote, “I’m ok.” A follow-up post a few minutes later read, “Please no calls/text I’m still gathering myself please.” According to her Facebook bio, the victim is a native of East St. Louis, Illinois, and now lives in Atlanta.

Opera nightclub has released a statement vowing their cooperation with police.

What sickens me is the fact that people on Facebook continued to share the video in humor as they do the fight videos and other sex videos, instead of immediately notifying authorities. Facebook needs to do better in monitoring criminal activity and the content of the filth that is being shared on their site.


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