Bow Wow Arrested in Atlanta for Allegedly Getting Into a Physical Fight with Ex Girlfriend [Photo]

Bow Wow was arrested in Atlanta Saturday morning for getting into a fight with his ex girlfriend, Kiyomi Leslie. She was also arrested.

via TMZ:

ATL cops tell TMZ … there was some sort of dispute between Bow Wow and the woman at 4:15 AM Saturday. When they arrived, the woman claimed Bow Wow assaulted her. He claimed it was the opposite.

Both Bow Wow and the woman sustained visible, minor injuries.

Police identified the woman as Leslie Holden. We cannot find any relationship between her and Bow Wow. 

Cops couldn’t figure out which one was the true aggressor, so they arrested both and charged them with misdemeanor battery.

According to the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office, Bow Wow has been  charged with Battery Substantial Physical Harm, which is in conflict with was released earlier. Early reports stated that both sustained minor injuries.

Bow Wow’s bond’s been set at $8k.


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