50 Cents Makes Fun Of Wendy Williams Calling Her A Crackhead & More [Photo]


50 Cent gives zero f**ks when it comes to people’s feelings. The rapper took to Instagram to make fun of Wendy Williams and the painful battle she is fighting, her drug addiction.

via Complex:

On Friday, 50 added another disrespectful and inflammatory post to his Instagram. Although this is not an uncharacteristic antic, this particular post struck a nerve as it furthered his feud with Williams.

“I knew some thing was up with this bitch,” 50 captioned a picture that shows a disheveled Willams and reads “Dear Wendy, we are praying for a speedy recovery on your drug addiction.” 

50 then went allude that Williams’ battle with substance abuse is why the two are at odds. “It was the drugs,” the rapper wrote. “She better not talk about me, then go to the rehab every day Crack Head.”

As planned, 50 Cent’s Instagram shot comes at a very low time for Williams. This week reports began to surface stating that her husband Kevin Hunter is allegedly expecting a child with his mistress. This news followed Williams’ bold announcement that she had relapsed and checked herself into a sober living facility. 

I always wonder, is there anything off limits for 50? Obviously not.


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