R. Kelly Planning To Sue Everyone Involved In The ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ Docu-Series

If you wondering if R. Kelly watched any of Lifetime’s ‘Surviving R. Kelly’, he did not. Sources say the ex- King of R&B is furious!

Exclusive | Aaliyah & Her Mother Allegedly Slept with R.Kelly TOGETHER & Took His Publishing Rights [Video]

After watching the first parts of ‘Surviving R. Kelly’, I was speechless. We all knew what to expect but hearing so many stories from the victims, had many people stuck. After scrolling through Twitter, I came across a link to a video from one of my favorite YouTube bloggers, Tasha K, and the tea, or […]

Drake Explains His Side Of His Beef With Pusha T & Kanye West’s Involvement In Fueling The Fire [Video]

Drake appeared on LeBron James’ ‘The Shop’ on Friday night and opened up about a myriad of subjects — including his longstanding feud with Kanye West and Pusha T.

Lamar Odom Kidnapped & Held Hostage For Gambling Debt

  Lamar Odom put himself and his family in danger after being kidnapped in a gambling scheme gone wrong. Lamar spend two days with his kidnappers while his girlfriend and 2 year old daughter were being terrorized at gunpoint. 

5 Key Signs Of Domestic Abuse [This Article May Be Extremely Sensitive To Some]

  Over the years, I’ve come in contact when a number of women, men and children who have been affected by domestic violence in some way, shape or form. Not only have I come in contact with people and counseled people who were victims of abuse, I too, was affected by domestic violence.