Federal Prosecutors & Homeland Security Investigation R. Kelly For Alleged Sex Trafficking

It seems like the investigation into R. Kelly’s nasty lifestyle are finally getting taken seriously. Federal prosecutors are looking to interview R. Kelly’s associates in connection with their sex trafficking investigation. Advertisements

R. Kelly Allegedly Admitted To Getting Aliyah Pregnant And Sleeping With Aaliyah’s Mother [Video]

As if the stories surrounding R. Kelly and his relationship with Aaliyah weren’t disturbing enough, Lisa Van Allen, one of R. Kelly’s accusers who detailed his alleged abuse in the Lifetime series Surviving R. Kelly, told Vlad TV that the singer admitted to her that he had a sexual relationship with Aaliyah’s mother.

R. Kelly’s 2008 Trial Lawyer Says The Singer Is ‘Guilty As Hell’

R. Kelly’s former 2008 trial lawyer is coming clean and he has a lot to say. Ed Genson represented R. Kelly 10 years ago in his child pornography cases and is now telling the media that R. Kelly  is “guilty as hell”.

R. Kelly Claims Past Sex Abuse Claims Are Not Relevant & Present Claims Are Not True [Video]

Singer R. Kelly has dismissed new underage sex abuse allegations against him as nothing more than the product of “old rumors” and suggested people should move on because he already “beat” charges against him in the past.

Another R. Kelly Sex Tape Presented To Prosecutors Showing Him And Another Under Aged Girl

There’s another new sex tape that’s being presented to prosecutors involved R. Kelly and another under aged girl.

UPDATE: Nurse Arrested For Rape Of An Incapacitated Woman Who Gave Birth At Facility

A male nurse has been arrested in Arizona on suspicion of assaulting an incapacitated woman who gave birth at a long-term care facility, in a case that has shocked the nation.