R. Kelly Allegedly Admitted To Getting Aliyah Pregnant And Sleeping With Aaliyah’s Mother [Video]

As if the stories surrounding R. Kelly and his relationship with Aaliyah weren’t disturbing enough, Lisa Van Allen, one of R. Kelly’s accusers who detailed his alleged abuse in the Lifetime series Surviving R. Kelly, told Vlad TV that the singer admitted to her that he had a sexual relationship with Aaliyah’s mother. Advertisements

Aaliyah’s Mother Denies R. Kelly’s Backup Singer’s Account of His Sexual Relationship with Aaliyah

Aaliyah’s mother is furious! Diane Haughton is speaking out about the allegations that her daughter had a sexual relationship with R. Kelly when she was just 15.

Exclusive | Aaliyah & Her Mother Allegedly Slept with R.Kelly TOGETHER & Took His Publishing Rights [Video]

After watching the first parts of ‘Surviving R. Kelly’, I was speechless. We all knew what to expect but hearing so many stories from the victims, had many people stuck. After scrolling through Twitter, I came across a link to a video from one of my favorite YouTube bloggers, Tasha K, and the tea, or […]