Boosie Badazz Asks Trump For Permission To Purge Since The Government Is Shut Down

Hide your wife and hide your kids! Boosie is ready to go to war, and he is asking our so called Commander In Chief for permission. Advertisements

The IRS Will Not Be Issuing Tax Refunds During The Government Shutdown; Which Could Takes Months Even Years

If you were planning to use your tax refund to bounce back from the overspending you did for the Christmas holiday, you may need to make other plans. If the government shutdown continues into the tax season, which per Trump, it just may, you will not be getting that refund check any time soon.  

Donald Trump Believes Black People Are “Too Stupid” To Vote For Him & Countries Ran By Blacks Are “Shit Holes”

The man who calls Kanye West his “friend” believes that Kanye and all black people for that matter, are too stupid to vote for him. If you think that’s bad, our Commander in Chief was also quoted saying that countries run by “blacks” are “shit holes”.

Prince Estate Demands Donald Trump To Stop Playing Purple Rain At Rallies

The Estate of Prince is adding to the list of people who don’t want any parts of Donald Trump or his shenanigans. Prince’s estate requested in a statement that Trump and the White House not play his music moving forward after “Purple Rain” was used at a recent rally in Mississippi.

Say What: Melania Trump Says Women Accusing Men Of Sexual Abuse Should “Show Evidence” [A Must Read]

While everyone is disgusted and STILL not use to the fact that Donald Trump is the POTUS, I’m sitting here disgusted at his “should be deported” wife.

Don’t Be Surprised If You Get A Text Message From Donald Trump Tomorrow

Don’t be surprised if you get a text from a strange number tomorrow. It’s coming from Kanye West’s good friend Donald Trump. I can’t make this stuff up.